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On the Throttle Review by Dave Williams

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Craig G
The DVD brings out the points in the book. With a little humor, and the use of a story to tie it together, one gets a ton of info. I first attended his school in 1982, attend regularly since, and he has continued to progress as a trainer, no one else is close. Best $35 bucks I could spend on my riding.

A must-have DVD.
This DVD is incredible. It is packed full of knowledge and is very interesting to watch. Everything you need to know about cornering and turning. Not only explains what you need to do, but also shows you someone doing it wrong, and someone doing it correctly. It allows you to see the difference.

Ysc Lulbaddu Waduge
very good ******
1 clear out most of the doubts you have about riding
2 gives simple but important tips on throttle control, cornering, braking,
3 technical details about suspension setting (SAG)
4 rider confident improvement

overall its like a big virtual riding school
Recommended for all beginners - intermediates and so called experts!
Value for money!

This DVD completely exceeded my expectations. I've read the Twist of the Wrist books, and honestly didn't expect to get much new information from this DVD, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn a LOT from it. The riding techniques are clearly explained and demonstrated really well with on-board footage, video overlays, and right vs wrong examples that really drive home the training points. I got a much better understanding of some of the ideas, after seeing them demonstrated by riders in the video, compared to the drawings and photos in the books.

The story line is pretty light, and seems to be there mostly to keep the video entertaining and tie it together. But, the story does its job - it's easy to watch the DVD all the way through and not get bored or overwhelmed, even though it contains a tremendous amount of training information. It certainly is NOT a boring lecture film - there's some amazing video of tire slides, and there are slow motion, close-up and on-board shots that are very impressive. The actual video quality was a huge surprise, it was all shot in hi-def.

Overall, it was fun to watch and most importantly, it gave me LOTS of new skills I can't wait to try out in my riding. It's definitely the most clear and useful motorcycle training I've ever seen (well, a real race school at the track would probably be better, but this DVD is a lot easier to come by!). I think this video would be a huge help to anyone with a motorcycle, whether new to the sport or already riding in the "Fast" group at the racetrack.

This DVD hits the mark from different angles. The information and techniques are delivered with HD video, computer generated graphics and narration. The story line keeps the DVD light even though there is continuous technical information flowing to you. Suprisingly there is enough here for beginning street riders to racers (I race). People have been arguing about and misunderstanding how to turn a bike forever, now you can watch what happens for yourself in HD with someone helping you know what to look for. This can help a guy on a Harley Davidson be safer and have more fun in the twisties or with evasive maneuvers. It can also help the racer get his bike turned quicker and spend less time at max lean angle. The onboard track shots are incredible. Being able to see the difference body postion makes from the comfort of my couch with a remote in my hand was great. Sure I watch the really fast guys on the track but I'm usually paying more attention to what I'm doing. Also some guys get really fast completely crossed up, I always wonder how fast they would be with better body position. These shots helped me improve my balance on the bike in turns and transitions, so it takes less energy to ride at the same pace. The shots also improved my quickness flicking the bike through chicanes so I can spend more time on the gas. These were just two points and there were many more. Faster and safer are good things no matter what you ride! If you are a street rider this is a great way to gain more understanding on how to ride better. If you ride on the track...FASTER and SAFER.

Greg G
A new rider will get a lot of information from this: Why certain steering actions work; How to position the body; How to plan a turn; What suspension has to do with the throttle; Upshifting and downshifting techniques. When done watching, they might wonder why so much was said for just a few key things.

After they've been riding for a few months they'll run into a riding problem they want to overcome. So they'll watch the DVD again and realize that one sentence they totally missed the first time they watched it addresses the exact problem they're having.

They'll repeat this cycle many times. Each they'll wonder how they missed that the previous 10 times they viewed it.

The data in this video runs the gamut from in your face(you need to know it) to very subtle(you may run into this.) It brings the book to life in ways I hadn't thought of before and makes difficult concepts, that most can only vaguely talk about, crystal clear.

If you ride motorcycles of any kind for any reason at any level, this DVD will help you make your riding better, easier, safer.

The book is great....however, like some people, I am a visual learner and the DVD made the concepts and skills much easier to learn and to replicate.
Yes....there is some filler, but it's tolerable. excellent tool for increasing one's skills and confidence.

Rick M
Good visuals of things you donít normally see.
The video gave me a clear perspective about things I've struggled with but did not even know about. Keith's style is unique and while it may not be for every rider in the world, it's a good as gold for me. Recommended.

Wayne D
Found the DVD version of the book easier to understand as it seems clearer when you actually see what is being described.
I do have the book but glad I also bought the DVD version also.

Raymond C
if you are a sport must have this DVD or get the book.
The acting is...okay, but the info is accurate and great.
Anybody that rides or thinking about riding should watch this.

Stan G
Vital info. I've ridden for decades, have raced dirt and road, and am well read in the subject of motorcycle riding.
This video pulls you relentlessly in to the fact that there's a subject to know and skills to be had.
It never lets you forget why you have limits and exactly what you can do to raise your personal limits.
After watching it I immediately practiced the points learned and love how the techniques allowed faster yet safer and more relaxed riding.

A Twist of the Wrist II is the best sport bike self-help DVD I have ever seen. Definitely worth the money!! Every time I watch it I learn something new. Threw slow motion cinematography, excellent analogies, excellent camera angles, and years and years of experience, threw the DVD Keith Code revealed a lot of things I was doing wrong, and then followed up by show me how to correct them. This DVD made me a safer, more confident, and much faster rider! Plus it's great to watch in the off season or rainy days, it helps to ease the pain... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this DVD!!!

I find myself watching it when I need to work on specific areas. One day I may be having difficulty holding a line or other days I may feel really timid and out of control. On these days I take a break and go thru the DVD and correct that. You will realize measurable advances in your ridding ability! Just get it!

I have been riding bikes for many years and I still learnt something from this dvd. I have also recently started racing a couple of bikes and have found this dvd extremely useful in helping build my confidence and help me understand why things happen a certain way. A must have for all abilities.

If you're a fan of the TV show Sports Science, you'll like this video because it really breaks down the mechanics and myths of successful & efficient riding by illustrating every little detail of riding. I've been riding for a few years, but I still picked up a few good tips from this video. I highly recommend it, especially for newbies and wanna-be racers that "rip up" public streets. Plus, the DVD is in HD which looks awesome on my TV!

Asphalt Dancer
There is a reason Keith Code is so popular. He breaks very complex subjects into small bites that are easily digestible. After Superbike School level 1 my riding ability increased by leaps and bounds. Twist of the Wrist is a wonderful way to review what was taught and (during the winter months) to recall why I ride.A Twist of the Wrist 2: The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding

A very helpful tool. A well done, easy to watch how-to on the fundamentals of motorcycle cornering.
The movie is light, easy to watch, but full of information.
It doesn't have everything that is in the book, but is well worth it.
Show your riding friends, and help keep fellow riders safe.

Anthony M
This DVD really helps you to understand what they are talking about in the Book. I love it and watch it every weekend. I will say the acting is a bit corny, but the content is excellent.

Orlando N
This DVD is a must even if you don't want to take your bike to a track. It will give you some good tips on how to take corners and handle your bike in multiple situations. The book is very good too, but nothing like seeing a video versus some drawings.

Enes M
I bought Twist of the Wrist II years ago when I first started riding. I found it extremely helpful in the way it broke riding down into very specific and easy-to-understand concepts.

The DVD does a good job of illustrating those concepts. Quick steering and slide control are explained very well. A technique called "hook steering" is also explained on the DVD that isn't in the book, adding value to the disc.

The storyline-which has two newbie riders go from zero to hero by practicing the techniques in the book-is a little hokey, but doesn't take away from the DVD. If you find those scenes annoying, you can just hit fast forward.

I personally like the book better (it's well-organized and hits all the topics in depth), but the DVD is a worthy purchase. If you're serious about riding, buy both and pay attention.

Scrapin 240
This is a great DVD for reviewing things in the off season. HD quality! all of the techniques have a nice technical video and constantly shows why things happen. and makes things from the book even clearer. Highly recommended! applies to street riders also, but great for track riders.

Worth the $ for the amount of information.

Diane V
If you ride, you need to watch this. The book is great but the DVD is a requirement.

Just got my copy today. Great watch with great info that's explained simply and really well.
- megaspaz

Alright, just got my copy in the mail today... this thing should be stickied, mass advertised, bill boards should be put up, flyers should be handed out!!!!

I WISH this movie had been released before I began street riding. This has absolutely raised the bar in what "take home instruction" should be. It covers just about every aspect of riding, all of the information is aided with far and away THE BEST visual aids, demonstrations, charts, graphs and scales that I have ever seen in any instructional video. Bravo!!!

It blows away the original Twist DVD in terms of presentation, quality, and content. Thanks for posting this up, I'll be passing this copy around to my buddies. Tons of info I have already picked up at the track, reading books, etc., but still an interesting watch simply because of the presentation. 5 stars, if you are a moto-geek like me, and always searching for new info, or better explanations of old info, this movie is like porn.

Now stop reading this, and buy a f***ing copy NOW!

Why are you reading this? GO!!!!!!!
- Lazerus

Good day, I have just received your excellent new \ "Twist of the Wrist II\" DVD and must compliment you for its superb content and production values as well as its innovative presentation.I am a frequently published author who contributes to such publications as Motorcycle Sport and Leisure (UK), Motorcycle Race (UK) and Ultimate Motorcycling magazine and will be writing a very favorable review of your new video.

Do you offer it in PAL format? UK readers will want to know.

Many thanks -- and special thanks for Keith\'s autograph on the case, as well!
- Great job! Craig Roberts

I just want to say BRAVO for your twist of the rist2 DVD. This is the most instructive DVD on motorcycle technics I have ever seen. I should have got this information a long time ago. My racing will improve now that I have this knowleg. I hope to do level 3 and 4 as soon as I can.
Thank you Daniel-Eric O