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Anna Roberts
Phone: 310.704.4277

Press release: September 30th 2009 (PDF format)

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On the Throttle Review by Dave Williams

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Craig G
... a ton of info. Best $35 bucks I could spend on my riding.

This DVD is incredible. It is packed full of knowledge and is very interesting to watch. Everything you need to know about cornering and turning.

Ysc Lulbaddu Waduge
very good... its like a big virtual riding school
Recommended for all beginners - intermediates and so called experts!

Contains a tremendous amount of training information... certainly is NOT a boring lecture film... The actual video quality was a huge surprise, it was all shot in hi-def.

... enough here for beginning street riders to racers

Greg G
If you ride motorcycles of any kind for any reason at any level, this DVD will help you make your riding better, easier, safer.

DC excellent tool for increasing one's skills and confidence.

Rick M
Good visuals of things you donít normally see. good as gold for me.

Raymond C
if you are a sport must have this DVD or get the book. Anybody that rides or thinking about riding should watch this.

Stan G
Vital info... allowed faster yet safer and more relaxed riding.

A Twist of the Wrist II is the best sport bike self-help DVD I have ever seen. Definitely worth the money!!

Awesome... extremely useful... A must have for all abilities.

... really breaks down the mechanics and myths of successful & efficient riding

Asphalt Dancer
There is a reason Keith Code is so popular...

A very helpful tool. A well done, easy to watch how-to on the fundamentals of motorcycle cornering.
Show your riding friends, and help keep fellow riders safe.

Anthony M
This DVD really helps you to understand what they are talking about in the Book. I love it and watch it every weekend.

Orlando N
This DVD is a must even if you don't want to take your bike to a track...

Enes M
If you're serious about riding, buy both [the DVD and the book] and pay attention.

Scrapin 240
HD quality! all of the techniques have a nice technical video and constantly shows why things happen. ...worth the $ for the amount of information.

Diane V
If you ride, you need to watch this. The book is great but the DVD is a requirement.

Just got my copy today. Great watch with great info that's explained simply and really well.
- megaspaz

Alright, just got my copy in the mail today... this thing should be stickied, mass advertised, bill boards should be put up, flyers should be handed out!!!!

I WISH this movie had been released before I began street riding. This has absolutely raised the bar in what "take home instruction" should be. It covers just about every aspect of riding, all of the information is aided with far and away THE BEST visual aids, demonstrations, charts, graphs and scales that I have ever seen in any instructional video. Bravo!!!

It blows away the original Twist DVD in terms of presentation, quality, and content. Thanks for posting this up, I'll be passing this copy around to my buddies. Tons of info I have already picked up at the track, reading books, etc., but still an interesting watch simply because of the presentation. 5 stars, if you are a moto-geek like me, and always searching for new info, or better explanations of old info, this movie is like porn.

Now stop reading this, and buy a f***ing copy NOW!

Why are you reading this? GO!!!!!!!
- Lazerus

Good day, I have just received your excellent new \ "Twist of the Wrist II\" DVD and must compliment you for its superb content and production values as well as its innovative presentation.I am a frequently published author who contributes to such publications as Motorcycle Sport and Leisure (UK), Motorcycle Race (UK) and Ultimate Motorcycling magazine and will be writing a very favorable review of your new video.

Do you offer it in PAL format? UK readers will want to know.

Many thanks -- and special thanks for Keith\'s autograph on the case, as well!
- Great job! Craig Roberts

I just want to say BRAVO for your twist of the rist2 DVD. This is the most instructive DVD on motorcycle technics I have ever seen. I should have got this information a long time ago. My racing will improve now that I have this knowleg. I hope to do level 3 and 4 as soon as I can.
Thank you Daniel-Eric O